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Entrants Need to Provide

  • Product name
  • Category selection
  • High resolution company logo (jpg)
  • High resolution image of game-changing product (jpg)
  • Product specification sheet
  • A description (500 words max) that highlights what makes the product stand out from the competition, including the benefits for robotics as a whole and its application.
    *NextGen Game Changer entries will provide intended application areas
  • Short product description (50 words max) to be used in the print and online listings
  • Product MSRP and the date product began shipping
    *Not necessary for NextGen Game Changer entries

Entry Fees

There is a lot that goes into each submission and not much time to enter,
so we've made this year's program even easier with "pay first."
Pay to enter while the entry fee is low (without completing the whole submission process)
then come back at any time to finalize your entry!


Submitted BEFORE
July 17, 2015

Submitted ON or AFTER
July 17, 2015
RoboBusiness Exhibitors*   
  • $245 for the first entry
  • $195 for each additional entry
  • $295 for the first entry
  • $195 for each additional entry
Non-Exhibiting Companies
  • $345 for the first entry
  • $195 for each additional entry
  • $395 for the first entry
  • $195 for each additional entry

*Must be a contracted exhibitor on date of entry submission to qualify for this pricing.

Judging Criteria

The judging panel consists of Robotics Business Review and Robotics Trends editors as well as distinguished experts from the International Journal of Advanced Robotics Systems. Judges will rate products on a scale of 1-5 in each of the following five categories:

Product standout attributes
Product design
Product functionality
Benefit to robotics as a whole
Impact within stated application area(s)
*For NextGen Game Changer entries judges will consider potential impact and benefit to industry.

Please email lbaryudin@ehpub.com
(877) 814-2551‚Äč