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Technology Awards:

  • Autonomous Navigation: artificial intelligence, inertial, GPS-based vs. in-field navigation, UUVs, UGVs, UAVs, self-driving kits
  • Data Collection/Analysis: AI, big data, cloud-based data, controls, deep learning, neural networks, data security 
  • Gripper: hands, haptics, manipulation, suction, tentacles
  • Machine Vision Solution: embedded vision, optical recognition, 3-D, safety, sensors
  • Motion Control Solution: arms/limbs, batteries/ power, flight, advanced motors, precision software, training devices

Vertical Market Awards:

  • Agriculture: dairy/livestock automation, drone-assisted ranching, food handling, harvesting/picking, precision farming and monitoring
  • Construction, Mining, Energy: automated vehicles, bricklaying, drilling, inspection, stress testing, welding
  • Consumer: companion, cooking, customer service/hospitality, mowing, soft, telepresence, vacuuming, virtual assistants
  • Education: distance learning, programming, therapeutic
  • Healthcare & Rehabilitation: assistive technology, exosuits, prosthetics, resistance training, telemedicine, walkers
  • Industrial Productivity: factory automation, collaborative/co-robot/cobot, logistics/supply chain/warehouse, material handling
  • Medical & Surgical: biochemical synthesis, dispensing, laboratory, nursing aid, precision surgery, remote surgery

Next-Gen Game Changer: 

Revolutionary up-and-coming robotics products poised to be released on the market


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